Yasemine and Kerimé

Marlene has three daughters. Two of them were born with hearing loss.

Yasemine, the eldest, was diagnosed at 11 months because her mother suspected she had difficulty hearing.  Diagnosed with profound hearing loss, Yasemine received her cochlear implant in one ear while using a hearing aid in the other.

Then came Kerimé, the middle daughter, who was diagnosed with hearing loss as an infant. At the young age of 18 months, Kerimé received her cochlear implant in one ear and she received her second implant only a few short years ago.

Marlene chose the auditory-verbal approach for her daughters and found the MOSD. The girls began their journey in our preschool and were so well prepared that they attended their neighbourhood elementary school. They both continued to receive services from the MOSD as itinerant teachers met with them on a weekly basis.

Marlene is grateful to the MOSD for the constant support and encouragement her daughters received. She explains:

Hearing loss is a very hard handicap to understand – it’s an invisible handicap and nobody can understand their struggle and difficulties.”

Marlene credits the MOSD for not only improving her daughters’ lives but also teaching the whole family to work as a team.

“Having a disability wether it is hearing loss or not… it is difficult. And having people support you through sponsors or with their time is helping a lot. And it is making a big difference.”