Listen Everywhere Used at John Rennie High School

The Hearing Review has published an article detailing how John Rennie High School, from the Lester B. Pearson School Board, has been finding ways to increase accessibility around their school by using the Listen EVERYWHERE system in its Louise Chalmers Theatre.

This is part of an ongoing initiative to support assistive listening for students and guests with hearing loss at JRHS. This initiative is led by MOSD’s Tracey Green, Itinerant Educational Specialist, and JRHS math teacher and accessibility advocate Chris Webb.

“This means that anyone in the theatre who wishes to use assistive listening can access what is being said on the stage with increased ease, enjoy the sound effects, listen to music being performed or played, as well as participate in a presentation” – Tracey Green

To read the full article: Listen Everywhere Used at John Rennie High School

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