Increasing access to sound at John Rennie (from Inspirations News)

In collaboration with Chris Webb, math teacher at John Rennie High School, MOSD Itinerant Educational Specialist (IES) Tracey Green published an article in Inspirations News informing how technology, combined with the role of the IES, improves access to information when working with students with hearing loss in the regular school system.


“Fewer things are taken for granted than one’s ability to use their senses to experience the world. For those requiring assistive listening devices, whether to treat a known hearing loss, or simply to overcome difficulties listening at a distance or in noise, the luxury of “hearing” and “listening” cannot be presumed. After a conversation with a student with hearing loss, who highlighted the poor acoustics in the 1960-era Louise Chalmers Theatre at John Rennie High School of the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB), increasing access to sound in the space became a priority.”


For the full article, click here.

For Tracey and Chris’ blog, Listening ACCESSability, click here.

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