When Oscar was nine months old his parents learned that he was deaf.

Dominique and Paul were distraught, but eager to get Oscar help right away. They began to research hearing loss and therapy options. A friend pointed them toward the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf.

They spent that summer helping Oscar get used to his new hearing aids. The family travelled to Quebec City for a double cochlear implant surgery. At that time, the Quebec government did not cover the bilateral implantation that could give their son the gift of sound on both sides. Determined to give Oscar the best chance to reach his hearing potential, Dominique and Paul decided to take their son to Toronto.

When the family returned home to Montreal, Oscar started attending the MOSD Parent-Infant program. His parents believe the MOSD changed Oscar’s life.

He was able to learn alongside children with hearing loss and students with typical hearing. In addition, his parents received the support they needed to help Oscar benefit from learning opportunities in everyday life. Oscar’s cousin, who has typical hearing, even attended the program with him.

Today, Oscar is attending the MOSD Preschool and he is thriving.