Our Students

Student Life at the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf

We’ve guided more than a thousand children down the path to verbal literacy, one step at a time. We’ve learned that each student has a unique set of challenges and strengths.

But there is one thing all our students have in common: they are hard-working  and inspiring.

A Lifetime of Success with Hearing Loss

Thanks to an early auditory-verbal education and a lot of hard work, our students can thrive with hearing loss. They graduate high school at a higher rate than typically-hearing youth. In Quebec, more than 80% of them go on to prosper in colleges and universities across the nation.

Montreal Oral School of the Deaf alumni go on to successful careers in challenging, competitive professions, like architecture, finance, medicine, education, and commerce. They grow up to be well-rounded adults, with families of their own.

Our students are active community members who are deeply involved in the hearing world.