MOSD Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Initiative

Universal newborn hearing screening at birth is essential.

Do you agree with this statement? If so, join the initiative led by the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf (MOSD) to make your voice seen and heard!

Four MOSD teachers and an educator who live with hearing loss themselves, invite you to join them in advocating for this cause that is near and dear to their hearts.


Knowing that:
Hearing screening at birth is a simple and rapid test to perform
90% of children with hearing loss are born into a hearing family
Early intervention is crucial in the development of communication


It is time for Quebec to be the frontrunner in Universal newborn hearing screening. A screening rate of less than 50% is well below the passing grade. This grade means that, as a modern society, we are failing over 50% of our children. The Quebec newborn hearing screening program (PQDSN), implemented in 2009, was a first step towards improvement. We are now in 2022, it is time that the knowledge acquired during the last 13 years leads us to aim for nothing less than excellence, that is to say 100% screening rate!


Make your voice seen and heard by participating in our initiative. The government will not believe its eyes and ears!


The video statement you submit will be used for a collective promotional video. You will get to see the montage of all the video statements firsthand.  It will then be used to advocate for the given cause, Universal Newborn Hearing Screening.
We want to accumulate more than 100 video statements in French, English, LSQ and ASL.


From the bottom of our hearts – thank you for joining us – together we will go far!
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