MOSD “Open House” Day!

On Monday June 20th, starting at 9 AM, there will be an Open House event at the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf (MOSD) for families of children with hearing loss* ages 3 to 5 years old. This event is the best opportunity for your family to observe our preschool program, and meet our team of highly-trained specialists and educators. 

*The definition of “hearing loss” may include unilateral hearing loss and conductive loss (whether fluctuating or permanent).  

To RSVP, please fill out the short form below. Details of the visit to MOSD will be provided to families once we have a better idea of how many will attend. 

MOSD RSVP form  


About the MOSD preschool:  

“The best kept secret in town!”– MOSD parent 

Following an auditory-verbal approach, the MOSD preschool program focuses on the promotion of listening and spoken language skills in a natural, play-based setting which includes small child-to-adult ratios. Children with hearing loss have the opportunity to play alongside typically-hearing peers within our reverse integration model. Daily activities include story time, small circle, “music and movement”, and outdoor play. We prioritize the development of vocabulary, early literacy and math skills, with opportunities for learning embedded within activities throughout the day. We also provide exposure to French within the context of daily routines.  

The MOSD welcomes children with a wide range of listening and spoken language abilities: From early listeners, to those who are preparing for integration into their neighbourhood schools. Intensive, targeted intervention is provided for children who are new to listening. For our more advanced students, we promote the development of strong pre-academic, language processing and self-advocacy skills (managing their own devices, experience with FM systems, communications strategies, etc.). Parent coaching sessions are offered to all families on a weekly basis, and our audiology team offers additional support. MOSD specialists work in close collaboration with health professionals to best serve our families.  

Through an entente with your local school board, bussing would be provided for your child to and from school. Our students are fully funded through the Ministry of Education as early as 3 years of age. 


Hoping to see you soon!

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