Life Unrehearsed: Montreal Oral School for the Deaf and Cochlear Implants Changing Lives (recording)

On Sunday, May 7th 2023, the weekly radio show Life Unrehearsed (CJAD 800) ran an interview with MOSD Director of Pedagogy France Tassé, as well as a family receiving services from MOSD.


During the course of the interview, they delved into topics such as types of hearing loss, hearing devices and the importance of early intervention. Oscar Geraghty, 11, and his mother Dominique, also talked about Oscar’s life after being diagnosed with profound hearing loss and living with two cochlear implants.


In case you missed the live broadcast, the recording of the interview is now available online: click here


Life Unrehearsed is hosted by Matt Del Vecchio every Sunday from 4-5 PM. 


From left to right: Matt Del Vecchio, France Tassé, Oscar Geraghty, Dominique Godin and Oscar’s sister, Maggie. 


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