All Infants Born at JGH Now Being Tested for Possible Hearing Loss

Newborn hearing screening is an issue that is so very dear to us at the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf.

In 2022, this test is still not mandatory in the province of Quebec. This is why we support the initiative of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, one of the first healthcare centers in the province to systematically screen all infants born in the hospital and in the Côte-des-Neiges Birthing Center for hearing loss. More than 4,000 babies a year now benefit from this test, which is both quick and painless. Parents receive the results as soon as the test is complete, allowing them to make arrangements for further testing and intervention as soon as possible.

When it comes to hearing loss, time is of the essence:

“As a result, the way will be open for earlier identification of a hearing loss and, if necessary, early intervention for auditory and communication development. This increases the chances that the child will be able to attend a mainstream school later on.”

“Early intervention aims to promote optimal development. It can significantly reduce the negative impact of hearing loss not only on the child, but on the family and on society.”

Link to the full article: All infants born at JGH now being tested for possible hearing loss

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