Mainstream School Support

Integrating Children with Hearing Loss in Mainstream Schools

Once your child is attending your neighbourhood school full time, the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf will continue to offer support. We call this the educational itinerant teacher program.

We work with all five English school boards in the greater Montreal area, so you can choose the best school for your family.  Many students attend bilingual or French Immersion programs taught by general education teachers.

This integration means that students with hearing loss are learning side by side with same-age, typical-hearing students.

Learning Strategies for Children with Hearing Loss

Depending on your child’s particular needs, a Montreal Oral School for the Deaf specialist will spend time once or twice a week with your child in a quiet space at their school. They’ll make sure that your child has everything they need to be successful, including:

  • Supporting language acquisition in both English and French
  • Checking and troubleshooting assistive listening technology and hearing aids
  • Guiding conversational skill development
  • Allow the student to hear new or hard-to-hear sounds, and less familiar words, in meaningful context
  • Supporting the development of auditory and higher-order thinking skills
  • Working on articulation and language through audition, especially through self-monitoring and self-correction
  • Reviewing current and upcoming class content
  • Supporting the development of self-advocacy skills
  • Ensuring accessible services for learning are available
  • Integrating digital technologies into the classroom
  • Supporting the student through educational and/or work-related transitions

Our specialists work onsite with your child, their peers and their teachers to create inclusive environments.