Children with Hearing Loss Outside the Classroom

School is important, but it’s not the only thing going on in your family’s life. It’s essential that your child have opportunities to work on speaking, listening and building friendships outside of the classroom.

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf offers extra-curricular activities for its students. These programs are led by auditory-verbal specialists and designed to help your child develop language in everyday life.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

After School Program

Your child can get ahead on school work, master challenging concepts, and socialize with other kids just like them. This kind of learning is directly linked to your child’s academic and social success.

Teen Leadership Group

We help your child develop the ability to become a leader in their community and to practice self-advocacy.

Field Trips

We take students on a variety of field trips to bring curriculum topics to life with practical experience.

Swim Program

Elementary students enjoy some summertime socializing while they learn about water safety and build swimming skills.

Year-End Show

From costumes to chorus, our talented elementary students put on a play for parents, friends, and staff.