Elementary School

Elementary School for Children with Hearing Loss

As a child progresses through elementary school, their classes become more fast-paced. Material is delivered through lectures, conversations and listening. To be an active participant in the classroom, students need well-developed language and literacy skills. We’ve designed our Elementary School program with this in mind.

Our learning specialists work with your child to develop a personalized learning program. We help them identify and take advantage of listening and learning opportunities in a classroom setting.  Together, we’ll build a plan that prepares your child for academic success in a typical school setting - our ultimate goal.

Transitioning Children with Hearing Loss into the Classroom

The Elementary School program follows the Quebec Ministry of Education (MELS) and is supplemented with an enriched curriculum that is designed to meet the specific needs of children with hearing loss. We offer small classes, and of course, children always have access to our technical team for support with listening devices.

Helping Parents

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf offers ongoing coaching sessions for parents as your child progresses towards attending your local school.

We’ll continue to help you build on your child’s learning through listening, language and speech.  We’ll also give you the tools and resources to advocate for your child as they move through the regular school system.