Educational Programs

An Auditory-Verbal Education from the Start

It’s never too early to start teaching a child with hearing loss to listen and speak. The sooner a child is surrounded with language, the more easily it will come to them as time goes on.

An early auditory-verbal education means that we’ll start working closely with you, and your child, right away.

Raising and Educating a Child with Hearing Loss

At the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf, we have five core areas of educational programming designed to work with you, your child and mainstream educators. We work with children from infancy and we support your child as needed through to high school graduation.

Children with hearing loss can successfully integrate into their local school. We know this because we see it every day.

Our programs include:


One-on-one personalized sessions with you and your baby, and a parent-tot playgroup.


A preschool program that fosters listening and early speech in a classroom with children who have hearing loss and those who have typical hearing.


Small classes with partial integration of children with hearing loss and those with typical hearing to help build fundamental skills and confidence working towards attending your local school full-time.

Neighbourhood School Support

Listening and language specialists provide ongoing support to students at neighbourhood schools, families and teachers in the classroom as needed up until high school graduation.

Support for School Boards

Workshops, conferences and webinars to help educators and school boards create more accessible environments for children with hearing loss to find success.