You Can Teach a Child with Hearing Loss to Listen and Speak

At the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf, we’ve been teaching children with hearing loss to listen and speak since we were founded in 1950. That’s more than half a century of experience with the auditory-verbal approach.

We’ve had the time to really hone our programs, to dig deep into new technologies, and to build a truly extraordinary team. Using these tools, we can bring language to even more children who struggle with hearing loss.

Auditory-Verbal Education Really Works

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf’s high school students graduate at a higher rate than their typical-hearing peers.

More than 80% of Montreal Oral School for the Deaf graduates go on to post-secondary institutions. Many of our students master more than one spoken language. We couldn’t be prouder of their many accomplishments.

Auditory-Verbal Education in Canada

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf is one of the only schools in Canada that offers an auditory-verbal education. We have a government mandate to provide those services to English schools across the province of Quebec.

We were the first school in the country to open a preschool for children with hearing loss, so that we could start working with them earlier. We were also the first to offer programming for cochlear implants, to hire an audiologist, and to integrate children with hearing loss into a typical classroom.

Our Partners

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf is proud to work with AG Bell, OPTION Schools, Quebec Association of Independent Schools and the Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privés.